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We Provide 

High Quality

Care For Birds That Need a Forever Home.

We are a nonprofit and need your donations to help care for the birds!

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Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird Rescue 

Hello, We are here to supply and rehab birds that have been surrendered to us. We give the care that the birds need before they get a new forever home.

A  Few Words About 

 Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird Rescue

Bird Health And Veterinarian Care for Birds

Food For Rescues

Find a Forever Home for the Rescue Birds

We are in need of a new location, we are not able to move into the location that we thought we had due to the expense to repair the building. We are now in need of a new location, we only have 3 mouths to find a new location. If we can't find a new location we will have to close. We are very grateful to That Fish Place That Pet Place for allowing us this area for the past several years.  Thank you.  

Bird Services

Bird Boarding 

We offer boarding to the birds that were adopted from us and others, if we have room.

Bird Adoption

We adopt the birds to forever families that the bird chooses. Please read our adoption policy!

Bird Rescue

We rescue any exotic  parrot in need .

Get In Touch


We are located inside That Pet Place/That Fish Place at:  

237 Centerville Road

Lancaster PA 17603



By appointment only!


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